Buzzstop 2020 Online: A Recap

Buzzstop 2020 Online saw customers from as far apart as Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Slovenia, and Israel come together to take advantage of this valuable virtual learning opportunity.

EN 16.11.2020

In the present circumstances it was sadly not possible to run Buzzstop in-person as was originally planned. However, the requirement to share knowledge of course remains, and Buzzstop was simply too important to not take place in any form.

Therefore, we took the steps to transition to a digital format, and we were thrilled that so many customers were able to join us.

Networking and Discussions

The two-day event was a great platform for discussing a range of interesting and timely topics, including:

  • Working efficiently with block and duty allocation
  • Managing electromobility in Trapeze
  • The latest Duty Suite features and functionality
  • How planning can help keep employees happy

These sessions enabled customers to address any issues and concerns they may have and learn new skills from both the Trapeze team and other customers.

Event Highlights

Introduction to Shift Swap

In this session customers had an opportunity to learn about the exciting new Shift Swap module in CrewApp and see this functionality in action as part of a live demonstration. Shift Swap is a powerful tool that enables drivers to exchange duty swaps with fellow colleagues, making it possible to manage their work life around any personal and family commitments.

The system ensures any swaps comply with all relevant legislation, reduces admin workload for your staff, and improves driver satisfaction and retention levels.

Fatigue Management (FAID)

Responding to the requirement for tools to help manage driver fatigue, Trapeze has developed a module which follows the Fatigue Audit InterDyne (FAID) model. This algorithm, which is integrated into the resource planner, suggests driver assignments in such a way as to manage and prevent tiredness. This of course minimises the risk of accidents, ensuring operators can fulfil their duty of care for drivers and passengers alike.


Electromobility continues to be a hot topic – especially at the moment as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, with many cities reporting worryingly high levels of pollution as a result of rising private car use.

In this session we discussed the integration of electromobility within Trapeze’s existing technology solutions, including how to manage challenges relating to charging vehicles; how to take the available infrastructure and charging levels into consideration in creating effective plans.

We also explored how to manage situations where vehicles are running low on charge and calculating diversions to the nearest charging point, as well as interacting with traffic light systems to minimise idling.

On Demand Services for a Changing World

The lines between traditional ‘fixed route’ and demand responsive services are becoming increasingly blurred. In the future it is possible that bus operators will have to be more flexible, incorporating elements of dynamic or demand responsive services in order to meet passenger demands and ensure continued efficiency.

Trapeze is of course an extremely well-established provider of technology solutions for Demand Responsive, Flex and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operations, so in this session we provided a reminder of the range of available tools.

Positive Feedback on Virtual Event

While the move to an online event this year was rather forced on us by circumstances, there have been a number of positives to emerge. As a team we have learnt how to effectively deliver valuable content online, and feedback from our customers suggests that the more flexible format actually suited many of those that attended. As an illustration, we actually managed to double the number of customers who were able to take part in comparison with previous in-person conferences!

While we all very much hope to see life return to ‘normal’ in the near future, there are some positives to take from this experience, and you can be sure that we will be taking on board the learnings from this event as we consider how to support our customers in the future.

Would you like more information on any of the topics covered at Buzzstop 2020? Please get in touch!


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