The Trapeze Demand Response Transport division in Europe, PLANit, and Malmator embraces new common identity as Voyagerr

EN 05.10.2023

The Demand Response Transport (DRT) operations of Trapeze Group Europe in the Nordics, the UK, and Europe is excited to announce a significant milestone in its journey.

On September 25th 2023, the division officially became a separate brand and changed its name to Voyagerr.

Joining the new brand and the name change are PLANit Sweden AB and Malmator AB, also specialists in DRT technology solutions.

The rebranding reflects Voyagerr’s commitment to focusing solely on developing technology solutions for on-demand mobility, tailored to meet the needs of public transport authorities and operators in Europe, the UK, and the Nordics.

“Rebranding as Voyagerr represents a logical development for us, given our heritage of focusing on on-demand mobility technology solutions”, said Christian Holk Christiansen, CEO of Voyagerr, “as Voyagerr, we will continue to provide an end-to-end suite of technology solutions tailored to meet the needs of public transport operators, public transport authorities, and their communities in Europe, the UK, and the Nordics.

Clients can expect an even greater focus on developing our on-demand mobility technology, meeting the needs of this changing sector, and empowering our customers to offer best-in-class on-demand mobility services.”

As part of the Modaxo portfolio, Voyagerr is able to leverage best practices and resources from a wide network of peer businesses.

Connect with Voyagerr through the website and LinkedIn:


LinkedIn: Voyagerr mobility

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