Optimal planning for electric busses

EN 11.10.2023

The topics of sustainability and electromobility are very present in the society. Many of our bus customers are planning to supplement their fleets with electric buses in the coming period or to convert them entirely to electrically powered vehicles.

Trapeze offers solutions in this field in the areas of planning, scheduling and depot management. In this video, we present how the electric mobility solution can support you in the challenge of a fleet conversion. For this purpose, Trapeze has developed a tool whose algorithm provides you with the necessary information to make the right decisions when converting to electric buses.

Sustainability and electric mobility

The climate targets are clear and many municipalities and cities have already set a date by which they want to be completely climate neutral. This issue also involves public transport. Sooner or later, every bus operator will consider replacing their diesel buses. Trapeze is also at your side for this project. We have a tool in our portfolio that supports you in planning and dispatching.

Switching to an electric bus fleet can be a major challenge. Our team has used their experience with already deployed electric bus fleets to develop an advanced algorithm that quickly and easily calculates important data. Our tool calculates how many buses are needed for which route, when and where how much energy is needed, and how many kilometers are driven. For example, different planning scenarios can be run through, and hypotheses can be easily created and checked. This information supports you on the one hand in planning how to organize the switch to an electric bus fleet, and on the other hand in the daily deployment planning of your e-buses.


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