CrewManager 2.0 Privacy Policy

CrewManager Privacy Policy:
We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
This Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which any Personal Data we collect from you, or that is provided to us, will be processed by us.
This Privacy Policy outlines the steps we take to keep Personal Data confidential. It informs you about how and why we collect Personal Data. It outlines your rights and includes or contact information so you can exercise these rights or raise any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy or our handling of Personal Data.
We will maintain the integrity of your Personal Data. We will keep it confidential and will not sell, rent or loan to third parties. We will only disclose Personal Data without your permission when required by law, or in good faith belief that such action is necessary to investigate or protect against harmful activities to our company, associates or property (including this app), or to others.

Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it.

We are committed to treating you and your personal data with the greatest of respect and consideration. If you believe that the privacy of Personal Data has not been respected, if you would like to confirm the accuracy of applicable Personal Data, if you would like to update or delete incorrect Personal Data, or if you have any questions about our handling of Personal Data, please contact us by emailing or write to the attention of

Martin Sonnichsen
Trapeze Group Europe A/S
Sommervej 31D, 4.
8210 Aarhus V

The service is aimed at transportation companies, who are customers of Trapeze Group and are using Trapeze Group services to facilitate the daily work of the employees.
This Policy describes how we uphold your data protection rights.
If you have any of our systems or make use of our services, there may be specific contractual agreements concerning Data Protection that supersede this policy.

Why we collect Personal Data
We will collect, use, and may disclose personal information only for the purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. We endeavour to collect as little information as possible, only what may be necessary under the circumstances.
We process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

– To facilitate the daily work of the employee
– Register and manage work-related events
– Amend work related data

During the course of using this App or doing business or interacting with us, you may be asked to provide us with:

– Name
– Geographic (physical) addresses
– E-mail addresses
– Phone numbers or contact information
– Employee ID’s

Data collected within CrewManager:
Personal data is never given by Trapeze Group to third parties unless you have explicitly given permission to do so. Otherwise, the data policy is dependent upon the Trapeze customer’s organization.

We collect only those data about users, which is necessary, to service them in the best way possible. The data collected and displayed within the app is only used to improve work procedures and the overall user experience.

General data:
Data displayed within the app regarding employees’ work schedules, off days, wages, and balances, is received from the technical infrastructure setup by the Trapeze customer’s organization.

Health data:
The app allows personnel to manage other employees’ absences and related causes, which may include illness or other health related issues. Such health data is thereby only used within the application to allow managing personnel to properly evaluate and handle requested absences from their employees. 

How do we collect Personal Data?
We will only collect Personal Data that you have provided to us. We will not collect any Personal Data about anyone without advising them accordingly (either by way of this Privacy Policy or by way of providing them with some form of notice at the time we are requesting or collecting Personal Data). This advice will include why and how the Personal Data is being collected and how such Personal Data will be used or disclosed. We may collect Personal Data through a variety of means:

– Using our services
– In the course of communication with us regarding our business or services
– When registering with us for services, or where relevant, accounts, download of software.
– Customer, membership, recipient, or service lists which have been lawfully required via third parties.
– Through completion of manual or electronic forms.

In addition, we may review and analyse your use of products and services to help us serve you better, and to bring other products and services to your attention where we feel this will be of benefit to you. We also collect and analyse information from other sources for the same purpose.

Both technical and organizational measures have been taken to ensure that your data is not accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, deteriorated, given to unauthorized people, misused, or otherwise treated in a way that conflicts with legislation.
To further protect your personal data, we encourage you to protect your account by using a strong and unique password and never sharing this password with unauthorized people.
Our security measures are continually improved in alignment with our technological development.

Data is only stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose, for which they were collected. Personal data is not stored on the device. The data is encrypted in a local database on the device.

Update of privacy policy:
We maintain the right to update and change our current guidelines. If this is done, the date for ‘last updated’, at the bottom of this page, is updated. You may be asked to accept this update, the next time you access the service after the update has been made.

You can at any time send a written request for information about how your personal data is treated. This includes which data is used within our service, the related purpose for the use of your data, and to whom these data are accessible.

This app is owned and published by:

Trapeze Group Europe A/S
Sommervej 31D, 4.
8210 Aarhus V, Denmark
Phone.: +45 87 44 16 00
Last updated: 25.05.2022